About Us

Purpose Africa is a youth based organization that aids African youths to discover, understand and maximize their life purposes.The organization is able to through a number of life changing programs, activities and ventures that focus on transforming the mindset, character and attitude of an African child. Attitude and self-belief have proven impeding factors to sustainable development in Africa today resulting from mediocrity framed from colonial masters.

We are determined to intervene in any productive and legal operations towards advocating and working on the African mind.Through our mentorship programs, Youth purpose conferences, Purpose family conventions, child mindset focus program, read Africa program, investment club, purpose dreamers club, purpose camp and many other youth initiatives. We impact lives of people across the social, spiritual, economic, and moral state of life.

We have over the time partnered and provided mentoring program opportunities to individuals, groups and organizations committed to personal character, conviction and leadership to produce quality leaders with personal integrity, strong character, principle centered and spiritually grounded.


Africa where people have discovered, understood, and maximized their God given purpose for better successive generations


To produce quality leaders with personal integrity, strong character, principle centered and spiritually grounded.


To provide personal mentoring program opportunities for individuals committed to personal development trainings in character, conviction and leadership.


  1. To transform people with follower mentality into individuals with leadership mentality and leaders into agents of change.
  2. To help people develop better thinking habits in preparation for success.
  3. To transform the mindset of an African child through the child mindset focus
  4. To carry out personal development programmes to boost the confidence levels of African people
  5. To promote Africa’s reading culture through Read Africa
  6. To create financial opportunities and encourage saving among African youths through the Purpose Investment
  7. To enhance the dreaming abilities of people and help them to live their dreams through Purpose dreamers
  8. To become a source of hope to the hopeless in our communities through our orphanage program.
  9. To help people understand that life must be lived not just to be experimented on through our mentorships and trainings
  10. To become a leading organization when it comes to purpose and leadership.