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Our purpose Clubs are forums through which groups of people attached to them gather to share opinions for a               common good. Purpose clubs aim at bringing members together to meditate, share and put all the discovered ideas       into action. Through the clubs, individuals become leaders and leaders become agents of change, change that doesn’t     stop only amongst club members but also impacts the rest of the societies they live.
The goals of establishing purpose clubs are to: Help individuals especially the youths live a life of purpose, Promote        reading culture among the club members, Impart Leadership skills amongst them, Make lead change agents, Inculcate the saving culture among members, Ignite Spiritual growth, Help youths start their own initiatives, Promote voices of self discovery, Impart Talent development skills, Create provisions for Mindset change, Behavioral change, Character building, Networking, Public speaking and self expression.


Above In Set (Mr.Purpose (Kasigaire Jonathan) posing for a pic in-front of Makerere University Main Building as Purp-ose Africa was visiting the PURPOSE CLUB MUK CHAPTER)