The aim of this program is to equip people with the right mindset to pursue their goals and dreams. This is achieved by involving icons and major players in various professions, disciplines and industries.Each member of our mentorship class is paired up with a mentor based on their interests and career path.
Purpose Africa also has mentorship programs for organizations, which aim at growing individual or staff capacity in their respective field of work.
While professionally centered, the interactions are not limited to only career guidance but can cover all sorts of life aspects as the mentor and mentee deem fit.
On addition to the Mentor-Mentee program, Purpose Africa organizes weekly mentorship trainings where people gather to brain storm on the numerous challenges in relation to the available opportunities.
With highly trained and motivated staff, Purpose Africa has greatly put focus on training and mentoring the Young generation in schools and Institutions of higher learning, with a special project termed LIVING A LIFE WITH A PURPOSE.