Mentorship programs are the core of our organization. We have for long been known for providing mentorship program opportunities for individuals, groups, and organizations that are committed to personal development training in character, conviction and leadership. As an organization we strongly believe that we can help in transforming individuals of all diversities especially in Africa into quality leaders with personal integrity, strong character, principle centered and spiritually grounded.

Our mentorship programs address a number of issues such as those concerning Business and Financial discipline, Innovative leadership, Kingdom mandate (Purpose driven life), Relationships, Digital marketing and Networking. We hold mentorship programs at a personal level given a convenient scheduled time frame agreed upon between the men-tee and life coaches or mentors at the organization. We also hold Mentorship programs for groups of people which are held in form of classes (purpose mentorship classes). This kind of mentorship is restricted to a manageable number per class and runs for only a specific period of time.

These classes are characterized with a great deal of intensive engagement between the men-tees and our life coaches and mentors to yield transformation on the aforementioned issues. The uniqueness with this kind of mentorship is that it is conducted in conducive places such as mini conference rooms at major hotels and at the end of each program, subscribers graduate and are awarded certificates at the graduation ceremony organized by Purpose Africa. The mentorship programs for organizations and agencies on the other hand only happen following mutual consent between Purpose Africa and the organization or agency that seeks mentorship for its employees or section of management. The uniqueness of this kind of mentorship lies in the message it drives to the employees, section of management or targeted audience at the organization or agency. It is purposed to address challenges and to open eyes to the opportunities available at the organization or agency.

This program boosts morale of employees at work to work more productively and happily with great determination. It builds capacity of employees to be more resourceful. It also intends to build and boost employee-employer relationship, change any negative employee attitude towards work, grow good character and personality and encourage team work.