Purpose Africa is well known for organizing life changing camps comprised of life transforming activities and lessons impacting both the physical and spiritual dimensions of life.  The experience and life transformation that springs from our camps cannot be compared to other usual camps. Not only are the purpose camps comprised of Fun, but also Mindset transformation propelling campers into more productive individuals.

The Purpose camps can be organized for students, Institutions, families and individuals. As a culture, Purpose Africa, organizes two annual camps with over 65 campers. From 2018 to Date, Purpose Africa has organized 3 camps at the shores of Lake Victoria which have all registered tremendous success, empowering individuals in Self Discovery and Leadership. In our 2 annual camps, Purpose Africa hosts authentic mentors and life coaches to skill and equip our campers with winning attitudes.

Our camps are characterized with numerous games, that arise catalytic relationships for businesses, individuals, families, schools, and team building, self-discovery, intriguing leadership traits, anxiety and depression overcoming, stress reliefs, to mention but a few.

No matter the time of year, the Purpose Camps are always an anticipated program. The Purpose Camp is important because it offers a structured opportunity for campers to discover, understand and maximize their God given purpose and not only that but also take off the work load, and interact.

The Camp is a perfect time for the Parents to relate with their children, Employers to associate with employees, and Individuals to reflect on the past success and set goals for the next life session.

Campers meet professional life coaches and mentors who train and guide them through several life activities like Self discovery, Mindset transformation, Ultimate Goal setting, Life and Purpose, Knowing You, Vision Building, Self and Life Meditation, Self esteem and Character growth, Business Mapping, Personal Productivity and Efficiency, Physical Exercises, growing Habits for successful living, Nature walks and many more. On addition to these, Fun can never be separated from our camps. Bull and goat roasting is always an activity campers long to do.

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